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"Building Ukraine Together" (or simply BUR) is a volunteer program that will allow you to travel, explore Ukraine and unite small communities. Every year we encourage young people from all over Ukraine to visit towns and villages together and help families in need to restore their homes and support the creation of local public spaces and youth platforms.
Our concept lies in balance.
The building part: we create public spaces, youth platforms, and restore the homes of families in need.
Cultural and educational part: we organize lectures on socially important topics, arrange discussions, film screenings, trips, music nights and picnics with local communities.
ONLY individuals who reached the age of 16 are allowed to apply (under 18 y.o. - written permission from parents required).
Accommodation and meals are provided.

Fill out the volunteer application form on the site
Get an email with instructions
Pay 250 UAH submission fee
Buy a train or a bus ticket (tickets are reimbursed)

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