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Building Ukraine Together

“Building Ukraine Together” (BUR) is a volunteer project uniting people into a network of active citizens through collaborative work restoring homes for families in distress and creating attractive public spaces.

What is a typical volunteer camp like? For two weeks, 20-30 participants (mostly, but not only, from Ukraine) gather in a town or village and together with locals help and create a better environment for living and development. We work around 6 hours and dedicate the second half of the day to a cultural/educational/recreational program.

BUR was created in 2014, as an answer to the complicated situation within the country. Approximately fifteen volunteers from other cities came to help and, together with local residents, they managed to restore 25 apartments in the front-line city of Kramatorsk right after the liberation within a two month span. That is how the “Building Ukraine Together” came to life. During the last four years, 144 houses have been restored in 30 different towns, 37 public spaces created, and around 1500 volunteers have been involved.

Our slogan is “Lowering walls between people by rebuilding walls of destroyed homes“

So why do we build?

– We believe that collective work unites people and generates cooperation inside the community.

– We recognize that our country will be the way we build it.

– We do not hesitate to take responsibility for our common future.

Please join us in whatever way you can.


BUR is not just a camp, which unites (mostly but not only) youth from different regions and countries in one city for a couple of weeks. Rather, volunteers remain part of the movement, part of the network; and we have a particular program and tools to make sure they are not left alone with ideas and desire to impact their own communities After the workcamp season, we organize “BURLAB: Laboratory of Responsibility”, an intensive training course to equip volunteers in project management, fundraising, and cooperation with local governments.

In 2014, when the conflict with Russia began, we had no clear plan – just a small group of volunteers went to the East to help people return to their homes after the destruction. Now the activity of BUR extends across Ukraine, because the whole country needs to be “rebuilt” in different ways.