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BUR-cities 2018

Sep 2018
city Olexandria Kirovograd region

BUR in Olexandria

Sep 2018
village Yevsug, Lugansk region

BUR in Yevsug

Aug 2018
city Novopskov Lugansk region

BUR in Novopskov

Aug 2018
city Merefa Kharkiv region

BUR in Merefa

Jul 2018
village Berezhnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk region

BUR in Berezhnytsia

Jun 2018
city Malyn Zhytomyr region

BUR in Malyn

May 2018
city Bar Vinnytsia region

BUR in Bar

Apr 2018
city Zalishchyky Ternopil region

BUR in Zalishchyky

Apr 2018
city Smyha Rivne region

BUR in Smyha

Useful information for volunteers

During BUR camps we offer our volunteers a perfect combination for an active recreation – service work, leisure activities, teamwork with other participants and continuous self-development.

In the morning we devote our time to the process of building. You can help families in need to reconstruct their homes or add to the creation of a public space (like parks, playgrounds for children or inclusive offices for local NGOs). After work we rest and develop visiting master-classes and lectures, watching and discussing movies. The idea behind our project is to create a community of proactive youth that will change Ukraine and the whole world using the knowledge we have provided them with during our camps.

To become our volunteer fill out this form.

We will let you know if you were accepted as our volunteer four weeks before the camp you’ve applied to. Before that, make sure to follow all the news here.

We accept applications from anyone older than 18 years old.

We don’t allow alcohol at our camps, as we want to have fun consciously!

We cover volunteer’s expenses for transportation to and from the location of the camp, accommodation and food during the camp. However, we ask foreign volunteers to contribute a participation fee 150 $.

For your own comfort, you should consider taking these items with you to the camp: dinnerware (a cup, a plate, cutlery), a towel, personal hygiene items, clothes for construction work, a cap or a hat to cover your head, sporty clothes, comfortable shoes, shoes for the shower, sleeping bag and sleeping mat, sun cream, notebook and pen. But if you don’t have some of these things, don’t worry! Just let us know ahead and we will figure it out.

What is waiting for you in BUR-camps

What days at our camps look like:

We live together for 7 days. We start on Sunday, when our volunteers come to the camp, meet each other and share their first meal. The end is on Sunday as well when our volunteers search for their lost clothes, remember they didn’t print out their tickets home and add each other on Facebook.

Monday – the first day of the work. We learn how to use instruments, decide what exactly we want to construct and, basically, go to work. In the second half of the day, we explore the city we are in and have fun together. Usually, we go for a city-quest or an excursion to understand the place that will host us for the following week.

Tuesday – we start with a breakfast cooked for us by our fellow volunteers, have some morning exercise and go to work. Lunch is provided to us by the families we help, so we share our food with them. After the work, we participate in motivational master-classes, lectures, meet cool people and watch movies. This day is devoted to volunteers, so they share their knowledge with everyone. If you have some particular skill or expertise, be sure to prepare it for the sharing!

Wednesday – our mornings are still tasty and active – exercises, breakfast, then go to work! After the work, we travel (around the city or region, we can also go for a longer excursion on this day)!

Thursday – we won’t only work but will also learn something new and get inspired! This day is devoted to BURtalks – our own version of TEDtalks, where we listen to the brightest minds of our generation telling us how to change this world properly.

Friday – we move, we eat we work and then… explore! We meet the organizations that work to develop the city we work in, its citizens and people in power.

Saturday – the last working day. This day is devoted to proper recreation. In the second half of it, we go for a picnic where we dance, sing and party like its the last time!