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We see Ukraine as a network of responsible citizens who work together to make this country more efficient.


To reach that goal we:

  • We build because we believe that decent living conditions form a dignified person

  • We believe that Ukraine will work only when people learn to take responsibility for their personal life, the life of their community and country

  • We believe that the reconstruction of homes for people in need helps to create new channels of communication and cultural development between Ukrainians

  • We believe that a successful country depends on successful communities. So, we conduct cultural events to bring local community together and thus work on common projects.

  • We understand that democracy is possible only in the presence of a strong middle class. Therefore, we teach our volunteers about entrepreneurship and project management

  • We believe in the power of solidarity. Ukrainians will only succeed if they combine their efforts. Today, our network has 1500 volunteers in all regions of Ukraine who can support and help each other.

What we do


houses for families of Ukrainian soldiers who participated in the Russian-Ukrainian war; large families; families of IDPs; families with children with special needs.


public places and youth hubs in the cities.


murals, graffities, variegated drawings or verses on the walls. In this manner, we make cities brighter and more colorful.


local communities. We create a network of volunteers coming from different regions of Ukraine.

Our results


Yurko Didula

project manager

Ivanka Diman

operational manager

Vlad Kondratiuk

Senior advisor

Vira Pionerska

regional manager

Vira Pasishniuk

regional manager

Bogdan Velychko

chief builder

Artem Gorelov

Senior advisor

Marjana Ulanova

volunteer recruiter

Olexiy Sapyga

follow-up manager

Olexandra Tesliuk


Volodymyr Frant

building coordinator

Katia Yakovets

architecture coordinator

Igor Mosevych

building coordinator

Yevgenia Guchko

local fundraiser

Olexiy Lavrynenko



We believe that everyone is responsible for its own life, environement and whole country. It means take control, achieve the goals, make decisions and be responsible for consequences.

We are open to experiments and changes. We are doing it through our principle - learning by doing. We are ready to accept other thoughts, views and ideas. We trust people, we want to share experiences and we are ready to cooperate.

We believe that through such joint activities we develop ourselves, and develop Ukraine. We create a country of conscious, responcible, active and loyal citizens.

We believe in the importance of communication and cultural exchange between people from different parts of a country. We try to create a world of understanding and respect.

Through joint work, we help not only Ukrainian families in need, but also help ourselves through helping others. We want to show how neighbors can become friends and help each other, and spread this idea around Ukraine.

We create a community of people who are not apathetic. These people are ready to support others, because they know that together we can achieve much more results. We create a cell of those who are not afraid to build Ukraine together.